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CBDEase+ Curcumin Softgels

by Emprise Canada


30 Soft Gels per bottle - 300mg total CBD per bottle

THC: <0.5 mg/sg 
CBD: 10 mg/sg

Emprise’s CBDEase + Curcumin is a CBD-dominant formulation. Each softgel delivers 10 mg CBD in a discrete dosage form. It also contains 50 mg curcumin-95 which is a powerful anti-oxidant. It is manufactured with concentrated CBD distillate and coconut-derived MCT oil.

Each bottle contains 30 softgels (300 mg total CBD and 1,500 mg curcumin-95).


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    Produced in: Alberta
    Brand: Emprise Canada
    Producer: iNaturally Organic Inc.
    THC total:   <15 mg
    CBD total:
    300 mg

    Method of consumption: Ingestion
    Extraction process: Ethanol
    Carrier oil(s):  MCT Oil
    Packaging material: Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)



    MCT Oil, Bovine Gelatine, Curcumin, Glycerine, Water, CBD Distillate, Piperine.