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Advanced Nano Drops

Emprise Advanced Nano Technology is not your regular Cannabis Oil. We all know oil and water do not mix. Nano is a process widely used in pharmaceuticals to increase absorption, bio-availability and decrease active time of ingredient of poorly absorbed materials in the body such as “Oil”.

Oil has an absorption rate of 20-40% in the body once ingested and processed by the digestive track and liver and a 45min -1.5 hour onset time.

By applying High frequency vibration and shear stress to the Oil in water formulation reducing the THC or CBD molecular size of the Droplet to 20- 45 nanometers or one-billionth of a meter breaking up the large oil particles into billions of concentrated droplets that are stabilized and ready to add to your favorite liquid. This avoids the need for the body to absorb the THC or CBD through regular absorption in the digestive track and delivers 90-99.5% of the dose to your blood stream the moment you ingest. Allowing your body to immediately feel the effects and full effect within 10-15 minutes.

Keep in mind, Cannabis is naturally bitter due to the increased surface area caused by the billions of nanoscopic droplets interacting with your taste buds upon ingestion there is a bitter forward note with all Nano products, Therefore this is best consumed with your favorite flavoured liquids.

Colorless and mixes within seconds, Virtually odourless, Rapid onset.